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Artist Statement

The creative act is a means of inhabiting consciousness to explore the mental space and emotional condition. I am curious in the ability of artwork to convey the poignant emotions that rise up in our consciousness in mysterious ways, without our ability to fully understand why we have a reactions that feel so strong. Through a variety of mediums, my work explores memories, mood and impressions of feelings like nostalgia, joy, melancholy, to investigate how they can be recreated and expressed in new ways, or signified through motifs and mere suggestions. I employ color and light and create works that are abstract and amorphous, leaving enough room for the viewer to impress their own experience on the moody environments and color-fields I construct. 



Through many medium I create colorful and resonant works that serve as representations my thought space and spirit. These works involve large swaths of color, transparent layers, floating shapely matter and repeating shapes. My works are visual records of emotional states I experience, totems of heightened emotion. Similarly to how a poem can convey an entire world through minimal but intentionally selected words, I am curious in how simple encounters with the senses can set off a string of memories in my mind or fill me with a deep sense of nostalgia, joy or sorrow. My work explores how basic signifiers like color, form and shape can mimic this affect and trigger an emotional response and encourage the viewer to full inhabit the feeling. Through video, performance installation, I experiment on a larger scale, taking advantage of the way combining multiple types of sensory stimuli can amplify the emotions conveyed. By combining music, sound, nostalgic imagery and color, I can create artworks that are wrought with emotional matter the viewer can utilize. Regardless of the form it takes, themes of memory, the senses, mindfulness, and transcendence are constantly interwoven into my pieces. 


Curriculum Vitae


A Night For Cookhouse Gallery, London

Host St. Saviour's Pimlico, London

It's A Wee Bit Nippy In Ol' Blighty Cookhouse Gallery, London

Everything Must Go A collaboration between Royal College of Art and Chelsea College of Arts, London

The Third Place A collaboration between AVA Ljubljana and Chelsea College of Arts, London


Instrumentation Cookhouse Gallery, London

Playground MP Birla Millennium Gallery 

Little Show  Chelsea College of Arts, London

Departures Lounge Chelsea College of Art London

Artrageous! Monserratt College of Art, Massachusetts

Chelsea Degree Show Chelsea College of Art London

House Safehouse, Peckham, London

Kare Triangle Gallery, London


Smelly Dirty Clean Chelsea College of Art London

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